Good reads and making friends over 1001 books!

There are a few things I wanted to work on this year – and they all involve spending more time with myself. Sounds a bit selfish, I know, but when you are constantly working towards a Ph.D., you kind of lose sight of who you are. One of those things I wanted to do more of is read.

Reading not only gives me some time to myself, but it allows me to travel to distant lands, become someone new for a few days, all while increasing my vocabulary and general reading/writing skills. What can be better?

So, its January 11, 2014 and already I have read 3 books! But, it’s time to pick up the pace and challenge myself even more! What better way to do that than to create a book club, recruit some people who want a challenge, and to read 1001 books before I die? Oh, and did I mention that I am definitely not doing this alone? I have recently “ran in to” (via the most wonderful invention ever – Facebook), and became reacquainted with one of the coolest people during my undergraduate years, and she really took this challenge and ran with it! If it weren’t for Rachel, that’s her name, I would be reading 1001 books by myself. But now, but now, I am going to read these books with other people and we will all go on various adventures together! I couldn’t be more excited.

Are you interested in joining us? We are using the 1001 books published here as our guide. Rachel, of Under the Tapestry, and Dawn of Cups Running Over are the other master minds to this beautiful challenge. We all invite you to participate with us in our Facebook Group. We are also really into spreadsheets and we are tracking our progress in this public Google Doc (add your name and the date you finished the book to the columns to the right of the book). Oh gosh! I never mentioned where we were starting or anything like that – Our first book is #814: The Master of Ballantrae – Robert Louis Stevenson. It’s free on the Kindle! We are taking turns selecting the books we read, and basically, when it’s your turn, you pick a book however you want to. If a book is picked and you do not want to read it, or you find it utterly boring, then give yourself permission to stop reading. This is not your English class, and we don’t want you to be miserable.

WHO IS UP FOR THE CHALLENGE??? We look forward to your participation on the facebook group, or you can follow the progress on any of the blogs mentioned! Super excited!!

Let’s read!


  1. Count me in…I miss reading, being a mom is a lot of work not time for myself. I’m going to force some me time into my life as well.

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