Quarterly Book Review: His Dark Materials trilogy and Master of Ballantrae

I took this quarterly review idea from my friend Rachel (read her blog, about the silver linings of life, here). It’s fitting, as we, along with another blogger named Dawn (read her blog, about encouragement for life, here), run a virtual book club (cleverly named Between the Covers) on Facebook. Feel free to join the fun here!

goldenpmamberspyglass subtle_knife_cover
[You can read more about Philip Pullman’s books here]

For the most part, I really liked this series. It made me wish my youth was a bit more exciting, you know? My childhood was definitely filled with my own adventures: trying to dig a hole to China, playing with the neighborhood kids, singing, laughing. But nothing quite like Lyra’s. I really enjoyed the first book in this series (The Golden Compass), and I liked the second book a little less (The Subtle Knife), and I’m still thinking about how I liked the last one (The Amber Spyglass). I thought the supernatural and scientific elements of the books were fantastic, but when they started funneling in Religion more and more, I started losing interest. Overall, the books are really well written, and a very easy and quick read. I couldn’t put the books down (until that last one, it took me a bit longer).

[You can read this classic for free on the Kindle or the Kindle App!]

This is the first book Between the Covers read. This book took me awhile to get started. There is a lot of Scottish slang, and, embarrassingly, quite a few words I did not know. This book is filled with many characters I could not identify with, and the time line was a bit jumpy. Other than all of those, I liked this book. I learned a lot of new words, started picking up the slang, and the book was simpler to read. The people, on the other hand, they were not. The politics of Bellantrae were enough for me for awhile. I hope the next few books are a bit more relate-able.

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