Sister date nights – a MUST!

You know what stinks about being busy all day long? I think, and write, so many blog posts in my head. I think I put them on here, but I haven’t! The one thing I hate doing, like really hate, is repeating myself. So, when I realize I didn’t actually write anything down, I get super upset. Because I don’t want to “re-write” it. (There really is no winning.)

Have you ever been so close to someone, despite the physical distance between you? Me too! Gosh, we are so similar! I mean, we are sooooo similar. As similar as my sisters and I used to dress.
[L to R: Reychl, Amanda, Me – we had matching everything]

[L to R: Me, Reychl, Amanda – see?? We even have matching toys! And onesies … and haircuts]

This bond has seriously gotten us through life. Sure, we fought and did all of that typical children stuff, but we always knew we could rely on each other. Even when Reychl decided it would be a great time to slap me across the face … after I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed the day before. I mean, if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is!

So, let me introduce you (briefly) to my wonderful sisters! Since Reychl “is older,” I will start with her. (hehehe!  This is an inside joke. Reychl and I convinced Amanda that Reychl was older because her birthday comes before Amanda’s in a calendar year. Amanda believed it.)

Reychl. Pronounced like any other Rachael. In fact, her name is actually spelled Rachael. But, just like Nicole and Nikol are different people (as I mentioned here), so are Rachael and Reychl. If you knew my sister before, let’s say, grade 11, you knew Rachael. Grade 11 she was in transition, and from Grade 12 onwards, she has been Reychl. Reychl is brutally honest, selfless, loyal, courageous, driven, stubborn, and caring. She is filled with wanderlust, and loves to explore. She may hurt your feelings every now and then, but it’s never malicious (if only some people would actually see that). You know she is in pain when she lashes out at you, and that’s when you have to set your feelings aside and just get her to break open and spill the beans. P.S. Reychl is the youngest sister.

[This is Reychl with her pupster Charlie]

Now there is Amanda. Amanda has always been Amanda. Which is strange, considering she is a Gemini (and Reychl and I are Capricorns.) Amanda is easily embarrassed, loving, kind, selfless, loyal, helpful and caring. She is filled with so much love, like soo much love, she can’t say “No” when someone knocks on her door and basically says ‘take my cat.’ She doesn’t slam the door, she says ‘welcome to the family! Time to find you a new name that ends in an “ee” sound!’ (I mean that! Her beautiful babies are named Rari, Gimee, Tuli, Nolli, Remi … her wife? Stacy! – and I Just slaughtered the spelling of all of her baby’s names! Phooey on me!) P.S. Amanda is the middle sister.

[This is Amanda at a Linda Eder concert!]

The one thing I forgot to mention, but alluded to earlier, is that both of my sisters live in Michigan, while I live in Nebraska/Florida/somewhere far, far away. We always make time for visits, but sometimes, we just don’t have money for long trips (and the vacation saved up for those trips!) We came up with a solution! (If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate!)

Sister date nights.

They happen once a week, with the respective sister. Reychl and I watch a movie at the same time on Thursdays. We have to be careful because we live in different time zones, but we usually time it pretty well. This way, we can talk about the movie, and laugh, and cry, and it’s all better because we are technically doing the same thing at the same time, just miles and miles apart. The movie brings us closer! We’ve watched Avatar, Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Dallas Buyers Club, The Big Green, The Wolverine, The Heat (sheesh, these have been going on for longer than I thought!)

Amanda and I just started our sister date nights 2 weeks ago because it took us awhile to figure out what we wanted to do. We settled on playing games! Then, Amanda had a brilliant idea involving playing PS3 games against/with each other! Then, Amanda found the most perfect, and annoying, game ever! Portal 2! (Seriously, what would I do without Amanda?!) Basically, we have to work together in order to accomplish some task. We talk on the phone the entire time, because you really need communication, and we try to get our robot selves to not slip and fall in to a pit of acid. We are cute robots.

[L to R: Amanda, Nicole]

We don’t let distance define our relationships! We define them, and then we do something about them. That’s how the Milkovic (Milk-oh-vick, seriously, it’s not hard) clan rides!


  1. This post makes me SO RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY! I am CRAZY close to my sister, too! I just adore her and she is my best friend and I think your idea for sister dates is absolutely genius! My sister has a little girl now with another on the way and it’s perfect because she and I have both always said that if we ever have a girl, we won’t stop having babies until we have another girl so that she can have a sister– because there is nothing (NOTHING!) better than a sister!! (Especially when one of the sisters is named Rachel/Rachael/Reychl… obvs.) My mom and her sister are super duper close and so were my Grandma and her sister. It’s such a special bond that you really can’t share with anybody else. Love!!!

    1. My sisters and I are SO close! I love my sisters and I will always love them. To pieces …. in a serial killer kind of way (haha, just kidding.) I’m glad we aren’t the only ones this close! I have some friends with siblings, and they are there for each other, but they just don’t have the same bond that we do, you know what I mean? I can not see them for months and months, and when we meet up, it’s like no time has passed. It’s lovely.

  2. psh. more like: my name was reychl mid ninth grade..or beginning of 10th! just because i changed my clothes and wore scents in the 11th grade….and cut my hair in the 12th! does not mean i changed my name at that time tooooo. THIS IS US FIGHTING. bahaha.

    1. Ah, you missed the point of my comment! When you were Rachael (the person, not the spelling), you were quiet, almost reserved, trying to figure out who you were going to be in life, and you weren’t as open (unless the person was your true friend). When you blossomed into the lovely lady you are today, you became, and embraced, Reychl. Get it now?

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