Spring Cleaning and my (inner) Mask

You know what’s great about spring cleaning? You find a lot of little things you stashed around your house! In my case, it was Halls® wrappers from when I was sick. I had them everywhere! Then it hit me! I know why I kept these wrappers – I wanted to write a blog about it! (I’m a genius when I have the flu.)

The one thing I hate more than cleaning, is being told I’m not sick when I am clearly sick. It brings out my inner Mask.


Halls® has this campaign called “A PEP TALK IN EVERY DROP™” (It’s written just like that on every Halls® wrapper – like they are screaming at you.)

Instead of offering words of comfort – you know “Rest up, you deserve it,” “Take some time for you,” “Go back to sleep,” etc … this is what I read:

“Take charge and mean it.”

“Don’t try harder. Do harder!”

“The show must go on. Or work.”

“Dust off and get up.”

“Be resilient.”

“Elicit a few “wows” today.”

“Get back in there champ!”

“Don’t waste a precious minute.”

“Don’t give up on yourself.”

“Get through it.”

“Fire up those engines!”

“You can do it and you know it.”

“Put your game face on.”

“Let’s hear your battle cry.”

There’s more … I just don’t want to keep writing them all out. Not because I’m lazy. Because I’m getting all worked up again.

I understand the intent of these “pep talks” … but when you are sick, possibly with the flu, for a week fighting fever after fever and wrestling with sleep, the last thing you want to hear is “Get through it.” Or “be resilient.”


Dang! I just wanted some homemade vegetable soup, some rest, some tender loving care from my wife, and some quality time with my sister Reychl (who was visiting me, more on that later!)


  1. How obnoxious! Menthol makes me gag instantly so I’m not much a cough drop person… but I would have been totally pissed off too! Not even appropriate, Halls! They ought to be taking a page out of Nyquil’s book– so you can rest medicine… so you can breath/not cough/relax medicine! Jerks.

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