C is for Chinese Cookies

I hope you didn’t think my long winded Scattergories reference was for naught. Because it wasn’t. How can you play an alphabet game with a huge category (like Nicole) and not think about Scattergories? I also decided to not go in order of the alphabet; I mean, if I’m going to be true to the game, I might as well be true to the game. And I am all about the rules.

This blog post was going to be about Chinese Cookies (i.e. fortune cookies) that I love to eat every time we order Chinese food. It’s seriously my favourite part, and I always want to know what my fortune will be. I even keep the ones that make me smile or remind me to keep going, even when things get tough (an they certainly did during grad school).

This year your highest priority will be your family.

[I taped this one in my calendar, so as my days in Nebraska become fewer, I will be reminded of just how important this next chapter is in the life of my family.]

Use your abilities at this time to stay focused on your goal. You will succeed.

[I pasted this one on my lab bench, so when the tough gets tougher, I can be reminded of that silver lining.]


These Chinese cookies serve as great reminders to keep my head in the game, and always strive for perfection, because there are huge benefits (not only to my personal and scientific reputation, but also for my family.)


And right now, during crunch time, I need these reminders.


I am moving out of state (again), for a new position (again) and this happens in 14 days.


Are we packed and ready? No.

Is everyone going to move together? No.

Does my wife have a job? No.


Despite all of this “negativity,” I know we will be ready (because I am a packing machine), and I know my wife will find a job (because he is mad talented and knows her stuff), which means the family will be reunited.



Everything is going to work out (foretold by my delicious Chinese cookies.)


  1. I do the exact same these! Because of course I do… and I have been since college! Taped to my monitor: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting their battle too.” Just another example of OBVIOUSLY WE WERE MEANT TO BE FRIENDS!

    Good luck in the big move! I went to Memphis in November– it was great! Especially the fooooood!

  2. I see you have a picture of a snow leopard here… I have always been very interested in cats big and small since a child. Of the big cats, snow leopards are my current favorite. They are endangered and live in higher elevations in asian. They are unique in that they are built stocky. Unlike other big cats they are shorter, and their legs are a little shorter. They have a long tail and adaptations for cold rocky climates like that long bushy tail, rounded ears, and fur even at the bottom of their paw pads. They are less runners or big muscle tacklers and more agile rock navigators feeding on sheep. They are commonly known for having white, grey, and yellow fur with blue or grey eyes. They are the only big cat to have their eye color. The ones here in Anchorage at the zoo were new when I left, and are now some of the oldest residents. Some of the only personalities I’ve seen both as a kid, and an adult. I should go back….

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