Happiness: What does this mean for me?

As a graduate student half way through her 5th year (yikes!), I often wonder – when on earth will I be free of this misery? I look outside, and I see cheerful undergraduates, bunnies frolicking, falcons eating frolicking bunnies; basically, I see the world moving on. Is it moving on without me?

As I look out this window, I see my Grumpy Cat calendar that I was given for my birthday. This month looks a lot like this:


“far, far away. losers.” That’s really what I say in my head.

Then today, I was asked a question. I asked this question to myself in December, and I still don’t know the answer.

What makes you happy? What two things can you not live without?

The first thought that popped in my mind was Kristi. Definitely can’t live without her. I was then promptly told she doesn’t count. (Darn!)



I don’t know. Say something! What did you *used* to like when you had time? Sheesh, when was the last time you even attempted to do that? 

I just don’t know. Plain and simple.


(This song, called “Happy” by Pharrel, makes me happy every time I hear it. No matter what mood I’m in, this song brings me out of my funk, for just a few minutes. For that, I’m happy.)


(This song, called “Give a little” by Hanson, makes me SUPER happy. It was the last song at my wedding, and it makes me want to move every time I hear it. For that, I’m happy.)


I think this means I can’t live without music. So, that’s one thing! YES!!!


I don’t know of any other things right now.


What makes you happy?