It’s the final countdown



As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a writer. I’m not a good writer. I’m not a bad writer. I’m. not. a. writer. In stating this, it should make a lot of sense as to why I write so sporadically, and I don’t maintain this blog in a manner that most writers and bloggers do. I’m a faker. But that’s not a bad thing.

Sometimes, you just have to fake it to make it. Isn’t that what people say? If you fake it enough times, then you are made into whatever you were faking. (This may have sounded worse then I intended.) Let me explain. I’m not a writer. However, if I pose as a writer, and force myself to write, then eventually, I will be a writer. I’m not very good with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, if I make the decision to monitor my nutrition and get my booty exercising, then eventually, I’ll have a healthy lifestyle.

Totally reminds me of a Spice Girls song. You know the one (HINT: Who do you think you are?). (Holy poop! They are making a musical called Viva Forever based on the Spice Girl songs!!)

I digress.

I started this blog to help me with posing as a writer. Not that I would have anything interesting to say, or anything life inspiring to write about, but to simply write. … and maybe have some people to hold me accountable. (I also do a lot of stuff with fitness, but more on that later.) A friend of mine, who is a writer and has an amazing blog you can find here, is doing these alphabet posts … and I think I’m going to do something along those lines too. For motivation.

Maybe 1 month ago (don’t quote me on that, my memory is shot these days) my boss dropped a figurative A-bomb right on top of my hunky-dory graduate student life. He actually used words like “graduation,” “dissertation,” “committee meeting,” “post doc opportunities,” in pretty much the longest sentence known to man. Plus, it didn’t help that this entire conversation shifted in to slow motion right before my eyes. Oh, I nearly forgot, he also clumped “December” in there, too.

HOLY. POOP. HOLY. POOP. HOLY. POOP. (Speaking of poop, my sister writes a mean poop blog! Check it out here.)

December … totally do-able, right? Right …. fake it until I make it.


This means I have to defend my dissertation before December 4, and that means I have to have my dissertation written by end of October/beginning of November, and that means I have to have my research done well before that so I can publish this darn article …. which means, which means …






You’re welcome. I know it’s stuck in your head now.