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Plot Twists: Life Twists

When you think about a good book, there are usually plot twists. You know, the ones even a seasoned reader didn’t see coming. I especially like the ones I thought I saw coming, but then the author kicked it up a notch and made it extra twisty! That’s when I can’t put a good book down and I stay up for hours and hours (and hours, and more hours.)

But … have you ever thought how your favourite (or not so favourite) books would be forever changed if only one little thing was different? Like, if you were a time traveler, and you went back and changed something – and created a Butterfly Effect – and saw how the book changed.

For example: What if Voldemort was Harry’s uncle, or father?! Harry would be even more conflicted and he would have negative influences. Would he still be a Gryffindor? Or better yet, what if the chosen one was Neville, the other option? 


What if The Walking Dead took place in the Northern states? We all see how the zombies smell terribly due to the rotting flesh, and we see that everyone seems to forget that they could once use that to their advantage. Would the winter slow the zombie down? Would it prevent their decay? How would the survivors’ health be affected by drastically changing weather patterns? It’s all a mystery.

[Not to mention, this White Walker (GoT) is terrifying!!]

In the Hunger Games (since I am watching it right now with my sister Reychl), what if Prim went on to the games because Katniss never volunteered? Over the course of the trilogy, we see how much Prim grows up, so would that have happened? Or would the trilogy have died with Prim in the first games? OR, what if the tributes were actually fighting for food (as the name of the games implies)? How much more bloody and competitive would it be if it were up to that tribute to win food for their District for the next year? Or, what if Gale went to the games with Katniss?

[Oh Prim, you are so young!]

I kind of take it one step further and day dream about plot twists in my life. Not the typical ones like a death in the family, or a rejection letter – but major ones. Like zombie apocalypses with hunger games (to keep on track). I mean, if I were in each of these stories, I would have done things a bit differently. Would my knowledge have helped me? We all go through life learning a little bit of everything – areas of triangles, how to do our taxes, how to fight with medieval weaponry, how to cook, all of that science, you know, everything we could have possibly ever needed to save our lives one day.

What if I were Hermione Granger? What if I were the Goblin King?

What if the under-represented were actually represented on television in a realistic way? Not all GLBT are drug addicts with impeccable “Gaydar” and are highly fancied by everyone in the city. Not all poor people live in ghettos, are in gangs, are steal.

Man … now I’m in a weird mood.

I leave you with this adorable piglet!

pig1 pig2